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About tabie.net

Tabie - Who We Are

Tabie is the first and the largest portal for Islamic, cultural, social and documentary content in three languages: Arabic, English and French.


Tabie comprises thousands of programs, shows and documentaries, powered by Iqraa Satellite Channels' library of more than 21 years of constructive TV programming and media productions, as well as Tabie's exclusive and live programs. Iqraa Satellite Channels Company owns all rights to all Tabie content and intellectual property including broadcasting, distribution and displaying on all types of media and through different means.

Why tabie ?

Iqraa Satellite Channels Company has launched Tabie to allow viewers all around the world to watch its constructive content anytime and anywhere.


To provide a variety of audience segments around the world with constructive cultural and Islamic content, starting with the Arabic, English and French languages, and adding more languages in the future.